Paul’s short scale bass

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This is a bass being built for a new customer named Paul.  Paul wanted a short scale bass that is inspired by an old LP Jr. bass that he had years ago.  He did want some things upgraded from the original design.

Upgrades like a beautiful Koa top and peghead veneer, dual action truss rod, active electronics, and a modern style bridge.

For this bass we have chosen Sapele for both neck and body.  The neck will have carbon fiber along with the dual action truss rod.  The fret board is Zircote with 2o frets in a 31 inch scale length.

The body is Sapele and Walnut sandwiched together and topped with the bookmatched Curly Koa wood.

The pickup with be a switchable MM style EMG humbucker that will be ran through a EMG BTC preamp.  For hardware we are going with Hipshot Ultra-lite tuners and A style bridge in black finish.