Koog’s fretless bass

This is a new bass being made for long time customer Koog.  Koog has assisted with the design of this bass from the start as it is his vision.  His design is for a bass that is light in weight, fretless, 32 inch scale, and with a combination of magnetic and piezo pickups.  His goal is to have a woody upright tone but with the easy of play of his other Drake basses.

He has selected a beautiful Redwood Burl top and some nice aged Walnut for the back.  The core wood is Swamp Ash and his fretless fingerboard is Ebony.

Koog likes the Curly Maple that I used on Bob’s guitar so I am getting a blank of that for this bass.

Koog has an idea for the fret lines in the fingerboard which you will just have to check out.


This bass is in the assembly stage and will soon appear in the Gallery with completed pictures.