Koog Fretless

This is an amazing little bass co-designed by and built for returning Drake customer Koog.  Koog is a solid fretless player who has owned several Drakes but none built to his specs.  This bass was to be light in weight, fretless, 32 inch scale, and to incorporate a cool fret line idea that he had. Koog also wanted to get a nice smooth upright tone by using a combination of magnetic pickup for deep tone and a piezo system to bring out some stringiness.

The neck of this bass is figured Hard Eastern Maple with some small birdseyes in it.  a dual action truss rod and two carbon fiber bars stabilize the neck.  The Ebony finger board is inlaid with 24 graduated fret lines made of Maple.  The peghead is laminated with Ebony front and back with Walnut accent lines.

Koog selected a beautiful Redwood top to go over a heavily chambered Swamp Ash core.  The back of the bass is made of some very old Walnut that has beautiful purples, browns and reds in it.  In between each layer is an accent line of Walnut and Maple.

For the electronics, Koog selected a single EMG 35P pickup in the neck position and a bridge loaded with a Ghost system piezo and hexpander built in.  The battery is accessed by a magnetic Walnut cover plate behind the lower horn area.

The hardware is Hipshot brand and Koog wanted me to use Rotosound tape wound strings.

7.4 pounds in weight.