Jim’s 5 string bass

This cool little bass is being built for new customer Jim M.  Jim asked why can’t we build a 5 string bass that has a string spacing that does not get much wider as it moves toward the bridge?  After all, Jim has very small hands and does not play slap style bass where he would need to dig in under the strings so much.  He has a very light touch and technique that does not need to have much space between the strings in the right hand playing area.    So we are making a slim 5 string neck.  We are essentially making a 4 string neck with 5 strings on it.

Jim has specified a Maple on Maple neck/fret board with Walnut peghead veneer.  To give the neck enough strength for the 5 strings, I will be adding carbon fiber along with the dual action truss rod.  The body is Ash with a nice Black Walnut top.  Jim specified that there is no need for high figured Walnut, but just some with nice color and grain.  Jim also wanted the body to be a Model 9 shape and to be no wider than 13 inches at the widest point.  I made a special template to do this with.

Kahler has sent us a nice chrome Hybid bridge that is capable of a string spread of 2.2 inches.  We are not going that narrow but close.

To amplify this bass we are going with EMG pickups and preamp.  Probably the 35 J pickups made for 4 string bass but are long enough for the narrow string spacing we plan to use.