DC Model 7 050650

This bass has been named “Janie” and  was built for returning customer who has several of my 4 string basses and lately has moved his playing into the 5 string realm.
This bass is a Drake Mk7 Custom Lite model made completely from African woods. The neck on this bass is Wenge with a 33 inch scale, 24 fret, Wenge fret board. The peghead veneer is Black Limba.
Her body has a chambered Purpleheart core and Black Limba facings front and back.
She is loaded with EMG 40P and 40J pickups wired in a 9 volt configuration.
Her finish is a satin oil varnish.
She has a very smooth even tone with plenty or clarity. By rolling off the tone control she has a nice thump to her booty.
She weighs 9 pounds and is 1 15/16″ at the nut and 2 3/4″ wide at the 24th fret.

This bass has been sold but I would be happy to build one to your specs. Contact me at drakecustom@live.com for price quotes.