Jake’s 6 string bass

Here we are with a build for a new customer who is currently playing on a cruise ship in the Med.  We have been discussing this build for a long time and have finally settled on a spec.

We are going with a Wenge on Wenge neck with 22 frets and a 34 inch scale.  The peghead will have veneers to match the body’s woods front and back.  Jake also has an idea for a custom inlay at the 12th fret so Rosie gets to have fun with this.

The body will be Sapele topped with some of that awesome Burled Maple.  We have decided to do a single cut style bass for this one.  The body will be chambered and there will be some custom inlay on this bass.

The pups will be EMG 45P and 45J with a BTC 2 band bass/ treble  boost/ cut EQ.  This electronics combo has provided me with every tone I need to get and is my go to selection for rock or funk music.  Plenty of growl, thump, and sizzle.

This will be a fun build for me.

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