Jade 081305

This is one of my first basses and my own personal bass for several years. She was sold and recently came in for some upgrades.  Her neck is of Hard Rock Maple with an Ebony fret board.  She is of a 34 inch scale and has 22 frets.  The MOP dot inlays are original but the logo and Ebony peg head veneers are new additions.

Her body is my original shape and is of Black Walnut.  The bass has been refinished in a gloss urethane where as she was first finished with a hand rubbed varnish.

The hardware is all new kit.  Hipshot brand bridge and tuners.  I rewired the bass with an internal EMG BTC preamp but the pickups are original.

The owner wanted a super low action so I made it that way.  I dressed and leveled the frets and put some new strings on her.  It was nice to get to see one of the first two Drake basses again.