Headless 5 string bass

This was a bass that I built for a customer who discovered that the wider neck was too big for his smaller hands.  I decided to take the bass back in and make a new one for the customer with a narrow neck spec.  I always felt that this bass should have been a fretted bass, so I cut out the fret lines and added frets.  So now she is a very resonate, fretted 5 string bass, that sounds like a grand piano when strung with rounds.  This bass is being sold as gently used, so you can get a high quality Drake bass for a fraction of the price.  The bass is in perfect order and ready for the stage.  Some minor dings from handling in the shop during the re-fit.

The neck is of tempered Maple with a dual action truss rod and carbon fiber stabilization.  Macassar Ebony fret board with 24 stainless steel frets.  Deep inset neck pocket allows the neck to join with the body all of the way up to the neck pickup.  This allows access to the 24th fret without body contact.

The body is of a single piece of Swamp Ash.  The top is of tempered figured Western Maple.  I finished the bass in a very durable hand polished polyurethane finish that is applied thin. 

Aguilar DCB passive pickups and a Nordstrand 2B4C preamp with two separate Bass and Treble controls.  Volume with push pull bypass, Blend, Global tone that works even when the preamp is engaged, and the two band EQ.  9 volt.

Hipshot headless gear and Dunlop strap locks.

The bass weighs just over 7 pounds. 2 inch wide at the nut, 3.1 inch wide at the 24th fret line.  .750 inch (19mm) spacing at the bridge.  4 string spacing for those who need the extra room.

Mono Vertigo guitar case is included.  $2000 through the month of December.