Fretless customization on Brian’s bass

This is some work I have been doing on one of the first basses I ever made.  I started on this project a few months ago.  She is made out of Leopardwood with a Maple/ Ebony neck.

I have her back in the shop for a fretless conversion and some upgrades.  I pulled the frets and lined the fingerboard with Maple.  I then sanded her down before Rosie inlaid a logo.  This bass predated my company so there was not a logo before.  We decided to replace the finish with something a little stronger than the original varnish.  I have been refinishing the whole bass over the last few months.  Had some issues with the finish but am on track to have this bass completed soon.

She was heavy so we have worked to reduce the weight.  I have ordered and received new Hipshot hardware, which will be much lighter in weight, and will reduce the overall heft.  The new bridge is aluminum rather than brass.  I made a shim to change the angle of the neck as the old bridge was very tall.  The shim is part of the neck and will not be visible nor will it cause the neck tongue to rise.  I also routed out the control cavity to take some more weight off.

We are adding a EMG BTC preamp to help shape the tones.  New pots and guts.

Stay tuned.