Finish Work


I have been searching for years to find the best finish, for my guitars and basses, and have decided to go the whole water based route.  It has had it’s problems for sure.  Water based finishes can provide many benefits to guitar builders, such as, fast drying, low odor, non-toxic, and non-flammable.  The finish I have selected provides durability that my previous finishes just did not have.   This post will be used as a tutorial later on so there will be pictures of various tools, equipment, wood samples, and cans of finish that will help me later on.  I will post a link here when I get enough material to start the tutorial.

The tutorial is more of a round table discussion with various builders in an attempt to sort out this water based finish stuff.  I have a good finish that I use on customer’s basses and guitars at this time so customers still get a high quality instrument.  This whole project is to find an even better finish product for my instruments and how to use said product reliably.  I am always searching for ways to make my instruments better and better.

This material is posted on Talkbass at  in the Luthiers Corner section.  I will try to get a link here soon.