DD’s semi-hollow bass


This commissioned build is for an artist who utilizes a special technique that requires him to have a narrow spacing on his 5 string basses.  He has requested one of my “Betty” basses with some major modifications.

First, he needs the bass to have 24 frets which posses a problem with the normal shape of the bass.  The symmetrical horns do not allow access to the higher frets without having the neck kicked out so far that he would struggle to reach the lower frets.  The solution I came up with, as you see in the pictures, changing the shape of the body but still keeping the traditional look.  I cut the horns deeper and shortened the body to keep the bass under 45 inches in length.  I will have a deep inset neck heel so that the upper frets are closer to the edge of the body.

We are going to carve the top like an archtop Jazz guitar and have traditional F holes.  I will chamber the interior of the body core to keep the instrument from being to heavy.  Since the he needs a non-typical string spacing, we have turned to Kahler to make us some single string bridges that will allow us to achieve the 2.48 inch string spread needed.

The body will be Sapele topped with some figured Myrtle and the neck will be Rock Maple with and Ebony fret board and peghead veneers.


A complicated build but one that will be a great experience for me.