Dave’s bass II

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Returning customer, Dave, has asked me to finish out and assemble a parts bass for him to use as a backup to a custom bass that I built for him earlier this year. 

With this bass we started with a Warmoth body and neck which will need some modifications before assembly.  Dave wanted to place his own bridge pickup position, layout the controls, and approve the headstock shape before the bass goes through the finish stage.  Dave likes the bridge pickup nestled back against the bridge and stopped by the shop to help with the layout.

As it is now, I have drilled for new neck mounting hardware, re-cut the headstock shape, routed the new pickup cavity, and drilled the control holes.  Now I will be preparing the body for finish. 

Dave has selected my Enduro finish that will keep this bass looking good even through the rigors of many gigs.  I may cover the finishing process in a Talkbass post for those who follow them.