Custom fit 32 neck

This is a hollow body H-22 Frankenstein bass that a new customer wants me to replace the 30 inch scale neck with a 32 inch scale neck.  He did not like how tiny and toylike the old neck felt so he wants me to make the neck neck have more of a full size feel to it.

As you may notice, the old bridge had been replaced by some individual bridge pieces.  They have enough throw that I can make the new neck with 20 frets and not have to move the bridges that much.  I will have to open up the spacing a little.

I made a neck blank out of quarter sawn Maple and I am using an old Macassar Ebony fret board from another old project.  The headstock will be laminated front and back with some Western maple that has a nice golden color under finish.

I will be working on this bass when I wait for materials for other customer orders and for Rosie to get caught up on the inlay work.



I have completed this project and have made delivery.