Bryan’s Bass

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This is a bass being made for a returning customer who has asked me to build a bass that he can play various styles of music with and have a unique look that does not resemble any of the big box brands.  In tribute to a family member who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, he would like this bass to be named Nancy Lou.  We will make a special inlay of her name on this bass.  We will also use some abalone shell to accent the edge binding around the body.  This should be a fun build.

The specs of this bass are:  Maple neck with an Ebony fret board.  We will use the 32 inch scale with 21 frets plus a zero fret.  The body will be a semi-hollow design with an acoustic shape to it.  The back will be Swamp Ash and the top will be Claro Walnut with heavy curl figuring.  The body with have a flat top on it with no carving.

We have chosen Bartolini Jazz pickups and we will have nickle chrome hardware.