Arthur’s 32 inch scale bass

This is a 32 inch scale 4 string bass for a new customer named Arthur.  The plan is to create a bass with the same basic design as the guitar named Ginger (you can see this guitar in the guitar section) but in bass form.

The neck is going to be Wenge with a Wenge fret board.  24 frets with a zero fret, and the little thumb rest fret board extension that you see on some of my latest creations.

The body will be chambered and consist of an Alder core with Madrone facings front and back.  I will also try to match the peghead veneers to the Madrone body wood.

We will be using Hipshot hardware and Bartolini M3 pickups.


Well I have left her sit so that the finish can properly cure.  it has been two weeks so this week I will assemble her.  Should be cool.