100th Drake Bass

This bass is the 100th Drake Custom bass in production.  She is still being built but she was started after I completed number 99.  I have saved back some very fine woods and had planned to use them when I reached the 100 benchmark.

The neck is made of a Birdseye Maple with a Birdseye Maple fret board that has 22 frets and in a 33 inch scale.  The Birdseye Maple comes from the Martin guitar company and was purchased from them back in the 60’s (obviously not by me).  The peghead is topped with some very nice Claro Walnut.

The body is from the same lot of Brazillian Mahogany that a relative sold to me back when I started.  The body is topped with highly figured Claro Walnut that I found a few years ago and held back for this bass.  I have a nice custom set of Nordstrand pickups to go with a EMG BQC preamp that boasts a 3 band EQ with a mid sweep.

A new customer (Ben) has purchased this bass and has specified that we use abalone diamond inlays for the position markers and abalone script style Drake logo.  The customer also has selected Luminlay blue glow in the dark side dots set into contrasting black rings so the positions are easily seen day or night.

Ben has specified that we use Hipshot chrome nickel hardware.  This will be a great bass when completed.

This worked out well for Ben.  He contacted me early on and was able to plan out the rest of the features on this instrument.  We changed some of the original specs to suit.  So if you see a instrument under construction on this page, that is not stated as being a custom order, do not hesitate to contact me.  You too can specify the final details and dress out an instrument to your specs.



This bass has been sold and will be shipped upon completion.