Sound clips of Drake Basses

I have been trying to collect a few sound clips and videos from Drake customers to post here for everyone to enjoy and to demonstrate the tones that Drake instruments are capable of.


This bass was commisioned by Daniel Diaz who is a Paris based composer, arranger, bassist, and true artist.  Daniel uses his narrow spaced 5 string Drake bass for his classical style of playing.

Check out some of Daniels work on his all bass album “Low, Volume 1” All sounds on this album were made by basses of various styles.


Sound clips of this particular bass are here.




This next bass was a one off 6 string semi-hollow commissioned for a NY based player named Pete.  Pete plays various styles of music but loves Jazz.  This bass is perfect for that.  We affectionately call the bass The Beast.



This next bass was purchased by a local player who plays mostly Rock and plays shows weekly.  His bass was named Agnes and it is a 33 inch scale with a Jatoba neck, Mahogany body, topped with Lacewood.  EMG pickups.


This next bass was built in 2016 for a Omaha based player named Dave.  Dave is one of those guys who knows every spec of every bass ever built, so when we designed this bass, he had many ideas and wanted to try some custom pickups and preamp choices.  The shape was from an earlier model we built for Dave.  We changed some lines and made the scale a full 34 rather than the 33 of the earlier model.  He selected some very nice Koa for the top of his bass and some inlay designs to decorate the Blackwood fret board.