About Drake Custom Bass


Drake Custom Bass is a small operation that specializes in custom handmade medium and long scale bass guitars. Each instrument is crafted by hand to your specifications using the finest hardwoods from around the world. I use high quality components made in the USA as much as possible. I now have inlay service available in house so that you may further personalize your Drake Custom with a design of your own or one designed by Drake Custom.

Because Drake Custom is so small you will get great customer service as I make you a part of the building process. When you first contact me about building your instrument we will discuss your instrument in detail. I will help you design the instrument by suggesting options and features based on your specifications. I will communicate with you through out the building process to provide you with timely updates and you can watch the progress being made in the Featured Builds section of this website.

I am located in Nevada, Iowa, USA.  I do not have a store front and visitations are by appointment only.  If you will be in the Central Iowa area, and would like to visit the shop, please contact me through the website or call.



Phone (641) 891 6404

Email drakecustom@live.com

Direct Message

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Ordering Your Custom Drake

The first step is to contact Drake Custom at 641-891-6404 (9AM-8PM Mon-Fri) or by email to drakecustom@live.com to let me know that you would like to discuss purchasing an existing instrument or if you are wanting to have one built especially for you. Please include a phone number and the best time to reach you along with a brief description of what type of instrument you are wanting.

I need to know:

Type of instrument

Number of strings

Scale length

Set neck, bolt on, etc…

If you have an idea of the body, neck, and fret board woods you want

Any special items such as satin or glossy finish or maybe a custom shape you like.

Please note what type of music you play and type of sound you need.

And please state your state or country of residence so I can estimate shipping.

There is no obligation by contacting me and I enjoy answering questions about my instruments.


After I have the details of what you are looking for I will provide you with an estimate of the costs. Keep in mind that this will be an estimate and that the final price may vary slightly due to the ever changing costs of materials. Insurance, shipping, and handling will be added to the final price. Iowa purchases will be charged applicable state sales tax. Any changes made during the build and or any upgrades requested may affect the final price. Along with the estimate I will also provide you with an estimated time of completion once work begins.  Since I do mostly one of a kind custom builds, I most likely have not built an instrument like your design before, and therefore the estimated time to complete is based on a similar instrument.   Time of completion is just an estimate and may be longer or shorter in time than stated.  My build times vary depending on the build schedule and how intricate the build is so please be patient.  I will not commit to deadlines as I want the instrument to be as good as it can be.  I do work very hard to complete the instrument within the estimated time.

If your designed instrument is a bit more complicated, do not be alarmed if you see another customer’s instrument (started after yours) completed first.  Chances are that the other instrument was of a less complicated design and therefore, came together faster.  I do not skip over customers to work on other projects.  Sometimes I have to wait on finish to cure or glue to dry.  It is these times that I work on repairs or personal projects.


Before I can begin crafting your instrument I require a minimum deposit of half of the total to cover the cost of materials and to secure a position in the build schedule. This deposit is your acknowledgment of my terms and is non-refundable once work begins or materials have been purchased. I will purchase materials in a timely manner so that you are guaranteed the materials agreed upon. I do not begin any work or purchase any materials until the deposit has been made and the payment method has cleared my financial institution. I accept USPS money orders and personal checks (US only). I accept Paypal but there will be an additional fee to cover the Paypal costs.

Final Payment

Final payment is due upon completion and the instrument will not be shipped until final payment has cleared my financial institution. Final payment must be made within 2 months of being notified that your instrument is complete or your instrument may be sold for the difference. All money paid is forfeit at that time and will not be refunded.

When the instrument is complete and final payment has been made, I will carefully package your instrument and send it USPS Express Mail with insurance and signature confirmation. I will send an email with tracking information.


I stand behind my instruments and will warranty my instruments against defects due to my workmanship. This guarantee is not transferable and is only valid for the original purchaser. This warranty does not cover damage due to normal use or, worn frets, strings, tuners, bridges, nuts, fading of color, damage from neglect or improper storage, any misuse, nor does it cover any modifications made to the instrument by anyone other than Drake Custom. I do not warranty cases. Instruments returned under warranty will be inspected to determine if the defect is covered under the warranty. If a defect is found to be covered under the warranty, the repair will be completed at no cost to the customer including shipping costs. If the repair is not covered under the warranty, the customer will be given an estimated cost to repair the issue and the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges to and from.


This return policy is for any Drake Custom instrument purchased through the For Sale section of my website. ALL CUSTOM ORDERED SALES ARE FINAL. Any custom inlay work (on custom orders) is not refundable and the cost may be deducted from any refund.

If you are not satisfied with your Drake Custom, a refund (less shipping charges from purchase unless other arrangements are authorized by Drake Custom) will be paid as long as the instrument is returned in 100% the same condition as it was sent and the instrument is returned within 7 days of the receipt of the instrument. Drake Custom must receive notification of your intent to return within 3 business days of receipt. The buyer must pay return shipping and insurance (USPS Priority Mail with insurance required unless other arrangements have been authorized by Drake Custom). Return of an instrument that has been altered or damaged may result in deductions from the refund.  Return of an instrument that has been damaged in transit, and was not insured, will not be refunded.  Get insurance.  Again, this return policy is for any Drake Custom instrument purchased through the For Sale section of my website. ALL CUSTOM ORDERED SALES ARE FINAL. Any custom inlay work (on custom orders) is not refundable and the cost may be deducted from any refund.


Maintaining your Drake


Please follow this advice for the care of your instrument.

Thank you for you purchase of a fine crafted Drake Custom Bass guitar. This unique beauty is handcrafted by me in my little shop in Nevada, Iowa. Each unique instrument is made with sound, play-ability, and durability in mind. Quality is paramount to me and I will stand by my craftsmanship. If any issues or problems occur please let me know. You can view my website at www.drakecustombass.com for details on service issues.

1. Drake Custom basses are finished in a variety of finishes.  Please determine the finish you have and use the proper product to maintain the finish.  Most Drake instruments are finished in polyurethane.  This is a modified version of polyurethane varnish.  I spray it on and can polish it to a high sheen.  To maintain the finish on Drake instruments with the polyurethane finish, please use Zymöl GBC♭ Natural and Oil Finish Surface Protectant.  This wax is included with all Drake instruments made after July 2016.  Wipe on and wipe off immediately.  Do not allow to stand on the surface more than a minute.  This wax can be used on all Drake instruments with oil, varnish, polyurethane, or matte lacquer finishes.

For lacquered (nitro) finished instruments, use Stewart MacDonalds’s Preservation Polish.  Follow the instructions on the bottle.

For maintenance on unfinished necks with larger pores (such as Wenge) do not use a paste type wax. Use a non-building type oil wax (like Dr, Ducks Axe Wax available through Luthiers Mercantile) as it will refresh the wood without the pores turning white with old oxidized wax buildup. Fret boards that are finished (Maple fret boards) maintain like you would the body. Unfinished fret boards (Rosewood or Ebony) should be oiled twice a year with mineral oil or oil made for fret boards. Wipe it on and let stand for a few minutes. Then wipe it all off.

2. Remember to use the proper wrench (included) for the truss rod when adjusting it. Right Tight, Left Loose. To counter a up-bow turn right. Back-bow, go Left. A quarter of a turn should fix any issue. If you need to turn it more or if you are worried about using the truss call me or take it to your local shop. Adjust your neck at least twice a year to accommodate the changes of the seasons.

3. Wooden parts. Your Drake instrument most likely has some wooden cover plates or knobs. If your instrument has wooden knobs installed, please do not over tighten the set screw when adjusting, as the extra tension may cause the wood to split. Do not over tighten truss rod covers or control cavity cover screws as damage could occur.

4. If your bass is active (has a battery in the electronics) Unplug the instrument at the bass when not in use to keep the battery life long.

5. You instrument has been crafted with top grade fret board woods that have been kiln dried, however, during the first cold/dry winter, the fret ends may stick out of the fret boards due to the shrinking of the wood. The fret ends can be very sharp and could result in an injury. If you find that your frets are sticking out, please have your local shop address the issue right away. Do not play the instrument if you find this has occurred. Once the fret ends have been dressed you should not have that issue again.

6. Store your instrument in an environment that you yourself would be comfortable in. Extreme hot or cold, extreme dry or humid conditions, or a quick transition from one to the other, can cause damage to your instrument and will not be covered by any warranty. Please see www.drakecustombass.com for all details of returns and or warranty.