Wilma 061711

This is a very nice semi-hollow bodied bass that was completed in Aug of 2011. This bass is a 22 fret, 32 inch medium scale bass that features a quarter sawn Wenge neck with 2 carbon fiber stab bars and a dual action truss rod to stabilize the neck. The fret board is of Wenge lined with figured Mahogany fret board binding and flashy MOP trapazoid inlays marking the positions. Her peghead is covered by a Quilted Maple veneer on the front and a Mahogany veneer on the back.
Wilma’s curvy body consists of a Mahogany core and back that has been hollowed out to reduce weight and give her that semi-hollow tone. Her body is topped with 5A grade Quilted Maple.
She is wired up with EMG HB pickups wired in an active 9 volt configuration. Her hardware is Hipshot brand Ultra-lite tuners and a Hipshot brand 2 point Super tone bridge. Ebony control knobs and a Wenge truss cover complete her details.
She is finished in a durable oil varnish that gives her a satin luster and protects her from moisture and wear.

She weighs in at 8.8 pounds and is 1 9/16 inches across at the nut and a little less than 2 1/2 inches at the 22nd fret. .750 inch string spacing at the bridge.

If you would like to have an instrument like this built for you, please contact me at drakecustom@live.com for more information.