Violet 050108

This old bass is Violet. She was started a couple of years before she was finished and was not completed until May of 2008 as I wanted her Purpleheart wood to oxidize to the deep purple tone you see. I believe her neck is the first quartersawn Hard Maple neck I ever made. All previous necks were flatsawn. She has a 22 fret 34 inch scale on her Gabon Ebony fretboard. Purpleheart and Macassar Ebony peghead veneers on front and back. Her body is a heavy slab of Purpleheart with a layer of Walnut under her Burl Maple top.
This simple bass was the first of three I made in this style. Like I said, I put her aside for a time and finished her at a later date thus she is serial numbered later than her sisters. She started a new era for me marking the begining step of my neck design I use today.