Vera 040112

This is Vera, a medium scale bass made for a new customer from Ohio named Matt.    Matt wanted a 32 inch scale bass that had some traditional styling with some modern upgrades.   This is what we came up with.

Let us start with her Hard Rock Maple neck and  23 frets in her Maple fret board.   Her nicely colored Black Walnut body is chambered to reduce weight and give her a warmer woody tone.   A thin pinstripe of Maple traces her top wood and accents her shape especially around her forearm contour.  Matt requested Curtis Novak pickups for this build.  He chose the Novak Fatbucker for the neck position and a BV-Tele single coil pickup for the middle position.  He needs a deep low-end thump with very little upper mids so we decided to have no bridge pickup.  He also favors flatwound SIT strings.  Vera is equipped with Hipshot hardware, Dunlop straplocks, and a Tele style control plate that has a 3way switch and stacked tone controls.

This bass weighs a little over 9 pounds and her neck is 1 5/8 inches wide at the nut and 2 1/2 inches wide at the highest fret.  A cool bass and a very fun build.