Tim’s Super Bass

This traditional styled bass was built to spec for a returning customer named Tim.  Tim wanted to keep the traditional shape and scale but wanted to use some choice woods and a few modifications to the electronics and heel joint areas.  I have built basses using parts that Tim had purchased but on this bass, I made the body, neck, and even the pickguard here in my shop.  The result is a very responsive bass capable of copping the vintage tones as well as some modern growl.

The neck is tempered (roasted) Maple with a Macassar Ebony fret board.   I used thin gauge stainless steel frets (20 of them) and gold MOP for the dots and logo.  The body is two pieces of tempered Basswood which are of a medium weight.  No stains or dyes were used on this bass.  Just clear polyurethane over the wood.  I used a nice piece of red tort to fashion the pickguard out of.

The electronics are Aguilar Hot P bass and Aguilar Super Double pickups.  The first control stack is volume over volume.  Tim wanted an EMG BTC 2 Band EQ and a passive tone with push/pull bypass.   18 Volt wiring.

Hipshot tuners and A style bridge for the hardware.

I am super thrilled with how this bass turned out.