The Beast #1

This sweet thing is known to us as “The Beast”.  She is a custom order for a new customer named Pete.  Pete wanted me to design and build a bass that has that nice warm semi-hollow tone.  Pete likes Jazz and wanted a bass that would allow him to obtain a certain tone, but also cover some of his other gigs.

The neck is Roasted Maple with a bit of figure in it.  The color of the wood is stunning.  The fret board is Ebony that shows 24 frets in a 33 inch scale.  Inside, the neck has two dual action truss rods and two carbon fiber bars.  Ebony peg head facings both front and back.

The body is a hollow core Mahogany with a Swamp ash center block.  The Claro Walnut top and back are deeply carved inside and out to help with the acoustic properties of the bass.  The center core block is also hollowed out.  Pete wanted the finish to be a oil and wax style so it is thin and easy to refresh from time to time.

We selected Hipshot D style bridge with piezo loaded saddles.  The bridge and tail piece are aluminum.  The tuners are Schaller with Ebony buttons installed rather than the heavier metal buttons.  Recessed strap hardware.

For electronics, we went with Aguilar for their power and organic tones.  We used a LR Baggs CTRL-X onboard preamp/mixer for it’s tone and long battery life.  We wired the bass so that even with the battery removed, the magnetic pickups will still function.

Warm semi-hollow vibe along with the ability to dial in that deep, but clear, piano-like tone.  The LR Baggs piezo preamp seems to have a few nice tricks up it’s sleeve too.