Thandie 081813

This cool Model 9 bass has been commissioned by a new customer from Las Vegas named George.  He wanted a bass that can handle several types of music such as Pop and Funk.  He also wanted to get some growl out of the tones as in a low-mid bump so there is still some booty but also focus without muddy bottom.  We selected woods and pickups to deliver that punchy tone he is looking for.

The neck is Wenge with a 33 inch scale, 24 fret, Ebony fret board.  The peghead is laminated with some wood from the top used on the body so it matches nicely.  We included a zero fret so his open notes blended well with the fretted notes.

The body is Honduran Mahogany with a beautiful semi-spalt Maple top.  George selected the wood himself.  The body is chambered to reduce weight but not so much that the slap tones lose anything.  I was able to make a cavity cover to match the back wood.

The heart beat of this baby is the EMG 35p and 35J pickups wired with a two band BTS (bass and treble boost/ cut) EQ system.  I was able to get many amazing tones out of this combination including Jazz, slap, and rock tones.

Her hardware is Hipshot B style bridge and Ultra-lite tuners with Dunlop straplocks.

I was surprised to find that this bass weighs 8.5 pounds as she does not feel that heavy but she does have the 1.75 thick body.  She balances well and is a dream to play.

This bass is sold but I would love to make one for you.