Suzie Q 102911

This guitar is Suzie Q and she was built for a new customer named Tom who lives here in Iowa. Tom’s wife decided that she wanted to give him a custom built guitar for a birthday surprise. Well Tom was surprised and soon after he found out about his gift he called me to discuss the details. I spoke with Tom several times at length about what he would want in a guitar. After talking about it we decided to go with a traditional shape but with a longer scale length of 25.5 inches to match his favorite telecastor and with 22 frets. He wanted binding around the fret board as he has never had a guitar with that feature before. We went back and forth over inlays but decided on the MOP traps that Rosie inlaid into the Gaboon Ebony fret board you see here. He liked the idea of a stringer running down the center of the neck like the good old skunk stripe, so we used some Walnut for that. I also used some Walnut to make some peghead ears to blend the look of the body and headstock.
For the body Tom liked the Zebrawood that he had seen on the website site so we went with that. Zebrawood has a nice bright sound and is as strong as it is beautiful. To balance the tone we decided to use Walnut for the core wood of the body. I searched around for some Walnut with nice lines and color and came up with this. Nothing fancy but the color looks great with the lines in the Zebrawood. The body is chambered to keep the weight down and the whole guitar is finished in a light satin oil varnish which lets the tone ring out. Throw in some Gabon Ebony pickups rings, Tune-O-Matic bridge, and Grover tuners and we can call this guitar finished.

A fun build and a great customer to work with.