Sandra 052811

This is Sandra, a 33 inch medium scale bass that I had called “The Mysterywood Bass” for most of the build as we were not sure what kind of wood the body is made out of. The center block and dark stripes are made of Wenge but the light colored wood was from an old block that was removed from a historic building in Des Moines, Iowa during a restoration. I was told it was Mahogany but after I planed off the dirt and grime the wood looked more like Cherrywood. I compared the wood side by side with several examples of Cherrywood and there are some parts that look like Cherry and some that do not. Anyway the wood worked well and has some nice gnarled patterns in it that give the bass a rustic look as you can see.
Her neck is made of Wenge with Cherry binding around her 24 fret Wenge fretboard. Her inlays are abalone shell and her nut is made of Tusq material.
Her electronics are EMG HB humbuckers set into Wenge pickup rings and she has a deep punchy growl to her tone. Hipshot hardware complete this bass. The width at the nut is 1.5 inches and around 2.5 inches at the 24th fret. She weighs in at 9 pounds. This bass has been sold.