Roberts M5 Bass

This bass was a custom order for a new customer named Robert.  Robert liked my old M5 design so we went with that.  I used my deep inset style neck as we wanted this to be a bolt on construction with a comfortable transition from neck to body and full access to upper frets.  Access to all 24 frets is unobstructed.

The heart of this bass is the Tempered quarter sawn Maple neck.  I used a lovely piece of Ebony for the fretboard.  24 frets (EVO gold) plue a zero fret.  Rosie inlaid a Coda symbol at the 12th fret as per request.  I carved the neck with an asymmetrical profile that slopes toward the treble side of the neck.  The peghead and heel cap are topped with Walnut that matches the top of the body.

The body is a single slab of Swamp Ash topped with some figured Walnut that has been bookmatched.  I used the same Walnut to make a ramp between the pickups.  The ramp is applied with adhesive so it can be removed without leaving holes in the top.

The electronics are simple with Aguilar DCB (blade magnets) wired Volume Blend Tone.  .047 orange drop cap.  No preamp in this bass, and the tone is so powerful and punchy, I can’t see that it will ever need one.  I can get growl, warmth, sizzle, everything from this simple set up. 

Hipshot hardware, tuners and bridge.  Dunlop straplocks.  All pickups, control cavity, and truss cover are mounted with small machine screws into brass inserts.  The same wrench for those items, also is used to adjust the bridge saddles.

16.5mm spacing at the bridge.  Dimensions 1.62″ nut and 2.63″ at the 24th fret.  7.6pounds weight! 33 inch scale, tuned E-C.