Raven 101211

This dark beauty has been named Raven. She is a 35 inch long scale bass built around September of 2011. This bass is a new style for me though, as you can see, she is based on a classic design. I have had many customers wanting a jazz style bass but with more modern features. Many companies make Fender clones but I though I would change the pickups and stretch the scale length to be a bit deeper sounding.
Her features are a Quartersawn Jatoba neck with a 22 fret Ebony fretboard that sports diamond position inlays. She has a dual action truss rod and two carbon fiber stab bars (standard on Drakes) that run the length of her neck. Her peghead is laminated with Ebony front and back. The signature logo inlay, featured on this bass, is a first for Drake Custom. I wanted something different to use on inline type headstocks. This is what Rosie came up with. I like it and you will see it again.
Her body is made of solid African Mahogany which is finished with an oil varnish satin finish. We have been calling the color of this finish “Ebony Smoke” as I wanted to make the body look like Ebony wood and it sort of does.
Her hardware consists of Hipshot tuners and an A style bridge with standard .750 spacing. She also has Dunlop straploks.
Ebony pickups rings hold her EMG HB pickups in place. The HB pickups are voiced like a P-style pickup and have a nice deep dark tone. With this scale length and pickup selection this bass will bring the walls down without getting too muddy. She is wired vol/vol/tone controls in a 9 volt configuration. Very low action is possible on this bass and she is very playable even for someone with smaller hands.  Her tone can be dialed in to work well within a multitude of music styles. 
Her neck is 1.5 inches ant the nut and 2.5 inches at the 22nd fret. She weighs in at 9.1 lbs.

Sale Pending