This is a very cool version of a Drake Custom Hornet bass, recently completed for a new customer.  This bass has a bit of a theme to it, as the customer is a 30 year veteran of the USAF.  We wanted to commemorate his service on this bass, but did not want it to get too gaudy with ornamentation.  We decided that some of the lightning bolts and stars, from his various unit patches, would make great fret board inlays.  We used the same bolt of lightning to make the sound hole shape.  I added some purfling stripes around the perimeter of the body, fret board, sound hole, and peghead to mimic some bordering on various USAF insignia I have seen.  Inside the sound hole is a small plaque with his years of service, insignia, and his rank at departure from service. 

The neck is a custom feature available for this model.  It is a 3 piece curly figured Tempered Maple with a Purpleheart stringer.  I did add some black lines around the Purplheart.  The wood is quartered for strength.  A gorgeous Ebony fret board slotted for 32 inch scale.  Gold EVO small gauge frets, including a zero fret, just because it works so well.

The body is of Tempered Swamp Ash topped by my favorite Western Figured Maple (Tempered of course).  The resonate tone of this bass is to die for.  Also very light in weight (6.4 Lbs.!!!).  No stains or dyes used on any of the woods on the body.  What you see is a clear coat of gloss polyurethane.

Pickups are TV Jones custom made Thunder Blades with curved gold magnets made to order for Drake Custom.  Wired volume, volume, tone with a push pull kill switch on the first volume.  CTS pots with an Orange drop .047 cap.  Black/gold Hipshot bridge and tuners and Dunlop strap gear round out the equipment.  The customer also elected to purchase the Ameritage shaped hard case made for my Hornet model basses.