Paul’s Bass

This beauty was commissioned by a new custom named Paul.  Paul wanted a bass much like his old one that he had years ago.  He had a few specs that he wanted to incorporate into the build.   He wanted Koa for the top, a single pickup just South of the middle position, and the bass to be in a 31 inch scale.

The neck is made of some quarter sawn Sapele with a dual action truss rod and some carbon fiber support up high.  The 20 stainless steel frets are seated into the nice Ziricote fret board.  Paul chose to go with MOP dots for the markers and logo.  The peg head veneer is Koa on the front and Sapele on the back.

The Body is made of Sapele and is topped with some very nice Koa wood.  As you can see in the pictures, the body top is carved and is convex across it’s width.  The control cavity is covered by a Sapele cover that is held on with magnets.

The pickup is the EMG MMTSW with a switchable coil.  If the Volume control is pulled up, the pickup is made into a single coil.  Pressed down, the pickup is a full on humbucker with thick round tone.  The tone control has been replaced with a EMG BTC 2 band EQ.  The tone of the bass is smooth and warm with a bit of growl than makes a nice Rock tone.  I can get a Classic Rock tone of her easy.  With the single coil engaged, I can get a clear snarly tone that is fine for pick style playing.  I was jamming out to some old Cream tunes with her.

Hardware is my Hipshot equipment and Dunlop straplocks.

This bass weighs only 8.4 pounds.