Ogre Bass 111111

What we have here is a custom on-off build for a returning customer, Tim.  Tim always has had this thing for reverse P pickup configurations.  We modded out some of his old parts basses but this is his first complete custom build with the reverse P set up.  I don’t remember the specs from the beginning, as we went through numerous changes during the build process.  We ended up on having a tempered quartersawn Maple neck with a Pau Ferro fret board.  You will notice that the bass has 22 frets.  We used smaller stainless steel wire on this one.  There is a dual action truss and carbon fiber stabs bars inside the neck.  The body is of 3 pieces of Swamp Ash that is quartered so the grain is tight. 

Brass A style bridge with chrome saddles, Hipshot Lolly Pop tuners, Gucci knobs, and Dunlop strap hardware.  Pickguard is of Bakelite…..just because.

For the heart of this bass, we installed GL brand P style pickups, in the reverse position as you can see.  The spacing was specified by Tim.  Volume, volume, tone with a .047 cap.