Nancy Lou 100415

This is Nancy Lou, a bass crafted for a returning customer (Bryan) who wished to pay tribute to his mother by having her name inlaid on the face of the body.  The design is a new one for me but one that I have been wanting to do for some time.  I was very pleased that Bryan pretty much let me go with whatever I wanted to do.  For example, the edge binding inlay and the overall shape that this bass has.

The neck is Rock Maple with a center stringer of Wenge wood.  Dual action truss rod and carbon fiber inside.  The fretboard is some real nice Ebony that was naturally black in color.  A rarity these days.  The scale is 32 and there are 21 frets plus a zero fret.  Vintage size fret wire.  We decided to cap the peghead with Ebony front and back with some accent lines added.

The body is Swamp Ash that is seriously chambered out to reduce weight and allow for a semi acoustic sound.  The top of the body is some spectacular Claro Walnut.  The special inlay is of Mother of Pearl and the rest of the inlays, including the edge of the body, are Paua abalone shell. The bass can be strung through the body or top loaded some long scale strings can be used if Medium scale strings are not available.

Bartolini Jazz pickups along with a Fishmann piezo loaded bridge pickup create both classic Rock tones as well as a nice acoustic tone.  If the piezo is soloed, the tone is identical to a acoustic bass guitar.  Very versatile bass that will cover many types of music.

Hipshot tuners and bridge with Dunlop strap locks.

The bass body is finished in lacquer, rubbed out to a satin sheen, and the neck is oiled.

This bass weighs 7.8 pounds.