Model 9 052914

This lovely little 5 string bass was commissioned by new customer, Jim M.  Jim’s playing style and technique do not require a lot of space between the strings so he was wondering why not make a 4 string neck that has 5 strings.  We decided to use a string spread of just 2.2 inches at the bridge.  The nut is around 1.7 inches.  The result is a very playable 5 string bass that allows for easy chording.

The neck is quarter sawn Maple, with a 22 fret, 33 inch scale Maple fret board.  I used stainless steel frets on this bass and we only inlaid an oval inlay at the 12th fret.  The inlay is made from Walnut.  The peghead is capped with Walnut and I have laminated pinstripes of Walnut around the rear peghead, under the fret board, and around the heel cap to add some character.

The body is Swamp Ash which is very light in weight and very resonate.  The body is slightly chambered and is topped with a rich looking book matched Walnut top.  Jim felt that the color of the Walnut was enough of a visual appeal and therefore did not elect to have a high figured top.  I agree that the top looks great without any figuring.  I continued the Walnut pin striping around the perimeter of the top to tie the body and neck together.

The heartbeat of the bass comes from EMG 35J pickups in both bridge and neck positions.  We ran the signal through an EMG BQC preamp that has a three band EQ as well as a mid contour.  This set up is very functional and I was able to dial up a nice pallet of tones.

The tuners are Gotoh and the bridge is the Kahler Hybrid model bridge that allows for the tight string spacing.  I did not like the way the bridge rode on top of the body so I inlaid it into the top about 1/8 of an inch to make the lines clean.

She is finished in a matte urethane finish that will not show finger prints or wear and tear as much as glossy finishes do.

She weighs in at a little less than 8 pounds.