DC Model 6 021412

This bass was originally made as a fretted model.  She was for sale for a long time but with no buyers.  I then decided to remove the frets and make her into a fretless bass.  A returning customer saw her and decided that he had to have her in his collection.  The customer wanted me to inlay a Drake D logo into the 12th fret position as I have done on all of his basses I have made for him.  So now this bass is a fretless model 6 with 26 Maple fret lines in her 32 inch scale finger board.  I finished the finger board with a glossy urethane finish.  Her peghead is laminated with Purpleheart ears and Walnut veneers front and back.
Her body is a back of Purpleheart with a lamination of Maple then topped with a figured Walnut top that had a big knot in the middle. I liked the look of it and worked it so that the MM pickup is right in the center of the former knot. I like how the grain that surrounds the pickup looks like sound waves pulsating away from the MM style pickup.

Her electronics package is a EMG MMTW pickup in the bridge position.  This pickup has a push/pull feature that switches the pickup from that of a humbucker with deep tone to a Jazz pickup with more clarity.  Her neck pickup is a EMG SJ.  She is wired with an EMG  BTC  2 band EQ.

She sports Hipshot hardware and Dunlop straplocks.  I finished her with a thin glossy catalyzed urethane finish that resists wear and chemicals but does not choke out the tone.  Her slim and fast neck’s width at the nut is 1.5 inches and 2.5 inches at the 26th fret.  She weighs in at 9.4 lbs and plays great standing or sitting.

A great growly bass with plenty of punchy Mwahhh!  The last picture in the gallery is of her when she was a fretted bass.

This bass has been sold!