Miss Texas 071811

This beauty is Miss Texas, a 22 fret 34 inch scale bass built for a returning customer from the Lone Star State. She is a complete custom build built to specs provided by the customer.
Lets start with her sleek quartersawn Wenge neck with two carbon fiber stab bars and a dual action truss rod that is standard for all Drakes. What is different about this neck is her custom profile. She is 1.5 inches wide at the nut and 2.25 inches at the 22nd fret. This is custom fit for the customer’s hand size. The Ebony fret board has gold colored EVO fretwire that is between nickel and stainless steel in hardness to resist the wear from the stainless steel strings the customer uses. Her headstock is Ebony as well and both headstock and fret board are inlaid with Paua Abalone shell inlays hand cut by Rosie my inlay specialist. You will also notice the 0 fret which helps with intonation and facilitates a low action.
Her curvy body features a matching front and back of Spalted Curly Maple. Her core is Mahogany and she is chambered to reduce weight. Her tuners are Hipshot custom gold/black and her bridge is a Hipshot custom A style with a tighter spacing than the usual .750. The customer wanted to have spacing that felt like his 5 string basses. She gets her powerful tone from her EMG DC35 humbuckers wired in an 18 volt configuration.
This bass weighs 9.8 pounds but balances fairly well for having no upper horn.
She took awhile to complete but the customer was very cool about everything and I hope to build for him again sometime soon.