Matt’s M76 090718

This is the result of a customer’s ideas brought to life in the Drake Custom style.  Matt wanted a semi-hollow style bass that would have a custom sound hole, three band EQ, a simple but dark colored top, and his choice of peghead shape.  He also had an idea about a logo that would stand out from all of the others I have made.  I took his ideas, and used some techniques that I have used on other basses, to come up with this version of my Model 7 bass. 

The neck is my basic quartered Tempered Maple with two dual action truss rods.  I did use some carbon fiber in a special location.  The fret board has 24 frets and is a 35 inch scale.  Stainless steel vintage gauge frets.  I laminated the peghead with wood to match the body.  The custom logo is Maple.  The neck carve is asymmetrical.


The body is chambered and made of Swamp Ash.  I topped the body with Walnut.  Matt liked the color and did not feel that figured grain was necessary.  I did slip a pinstripe detail in between the top and back portions…..just because.

We selected Aguilar DCB blade pickups and a OBP-3 three band EQ for the electronics.  Volume (p/p bypass), Blend, Global tone, Treb, Mid, Bass pots.  Pulling up on the Bass pot switches the mid range freqs.  18volt.  The cavity cover is magnet attached.  The bass will play even if the batteries die.

Hipshot Bridge and tuners.  Dunlop strap gear.

9 pounds.