Marks Bass

Cripes the stripes! This cool bass was made for a new customer from Nashville who is known for both his upright bass chops and his building of high end bass cabs.  Mark contacted me and was interested in a one-off bass that was simple but with some unique charm.  He liked the idea of having the bass chambered and thought that some sort of a striped look would be kind of cool.  I remember seeing an Italian short scale bass in a pawn shop years ago that I really liked and suggested that we make the shape similar to it.  Mark thought that sounded good to him so we went with it.

I pieced together some stock laying about the shop and was able to fashion a billet of Mahogany, Walnut, and Maple which I sliced into a top and a back.  I chambered out two sections of Mahogany and laminated the striped sections to the front and back of each.  The center block is made of solid pieces of Mahogany and Maple.

The Jatoba neck is from the bass named Raven that survived Hurricane Sandy and was traded in toward another bass.  The neck has Ebony peghead veneers and fret board and she has the very first Drake script style logo with some cool diamond inlays.  Since we were using that neck Mark agreed to use the old hardware from Raven which is a Hipshot A style bridge and Ultra-lite tuners.  Mark supplied the custom made TV Jones pickups  which give the bass a nice deep tone.  Mark asked that I string the bass up with thick strings and tune her to BEAD.

The bass is a 35 inch scale, has 22 frets, and weighs in at about 9 pounds.