DC Model 4 111010

This bass is one of the two basses that were used to demonstrate how Drake Custom builds basses. She was completed in November of 2010 and is a style I plan to work into a standard model next year.
Her name is “Marilyn” and her neck is made of 2 pieces of quarter sawn Wenge topped with a 24 fret, 34 inch scale Wenge fretboard. I have bound the fretboard with Bloodwood to give this bass some color. Her peghead facings are Wenge and the neck is finished in just a light coat of oil that gives her a raw smooth feel and a matte appearence. Wenge is a self stabilized wood that does not require finish to resist warping. She also sports two carbon fiber stab rods and a dual action truss rod.
Her body is of blonde colored light weight Swamp Ash with a Wenge center block. Her satin finish is a light poly varnish to seal the wood without killing the tone. Her electronics package consists of two EMG 3.0 Jazz pickups wired in a 9 volt configuration. These pickups are dead quiet even at high volume levels. The combination of wood and electronics makes this bass have a warmer focused low end and warm poppy mids and highs.
I used Hipshot brand hardware on this bass. Ultra-lite tuners, and an A style bridge that allows the player to adjust spacing. I also used Dunlop brand strap locks to keep her on the player and not on the floor.
She weighs in at 8 lbs. and measures 1.5 inches wide at the nut and 2.5 inches wide at the 24th fret.