Marilou 052211

This bass is Marilou. She was built for a returning customer from Canada. She is a 33 inch scale with 24 frets pressed into a Gabon Ebony fretboard. Her Hard Rock Maple neck has both a dual action truss rod as well as two carbon fiber bars for stability.
Her bodacious body has a chambered Mahogany core with figured Maple facings fore and aft. The cavity cover and peghead veneer are machined from the same wood as the facings.
She sports Hipshot chrome hardware and EMG JX pickups. She also has a ramp fashioned from Gabon Ebony that can be fixed between the pickups (not pictured). She is very resofonic and weighs only 8.8 pounds.
The custom shape was designed by the customer and is the first single cut bass of my career. I believe that I may use the body shape for my next tap style 8 string as it balances nicely.