Lowell 0217

This is the first of the Drake Cricket basses.  I started this new design in late 2016 and worked to refine it over the Winter.  A returning customer had seen a prototype of this model and decided that he wanted the first one for himself, with some additions.  For his bass he wanted some embellishments such as the carved top and the custom inlay that honors his father’s name.  He also wanted to go fretless with no lines.

We start with a three piece tempered curly Maple neck that sports a Purpleheart stringer.  The finger board is of Ebony as is the peghead veneers.  I sealed the finger board in polyurethane.

The body is of tempered Swamp Ash topped with a beautiful tempered Western curly Maple.  I finished the body in hand polished polyurethane.

The pickups on this bass are specially ordered TV Jones Thunder Blades.  They have such power, punch, and organic tone.  Wired passive with volume, blend, and tone controls.

Hipshot made this custom D style bridge with some mods.  Hipshot tuners, Dunlop strap hardware,  and Ebony knobs round out the furnishings.