Kyle’s Model 7

This beauty is a very nice example of my Model 7 basses.  The customer was very much involved in the selection of wood and electronics set up for this bass.  Her number is 060613 which is a special date for Drake Custom as it is our anniversary date.

Kyle wanted a Wenge neck with the black Ebony peg head that he had seen on another Drake bass.  I am finding that I too like the classy look of the blacked out peg head veneers so I will be doing more of them.  The Wenge neck has both a dual action truss and two carbon fiber stab bars that run from nut to heel.  She has a 24 fret, 33 inch scale, Wenge fret board with a stainless steel zero fret to help dial in a better action.  Zero frets do work.

Kyle had wanted something different for the body woods.   We searched for a body wood that had nice grain, color, and figuring.  Wwent with a nice billet of Oregon Myrtle wood that had figuring all through it.  Kyle wanted to avoid a book matched look to the body so my plan was to cut both halves of the top out of the same board to give the top a similar appearance but not a book matched look.   I sliced the billet down and made a core, a front, and a back for the body.  I chambered out quite a bit of the core to reduce weight.  In between the layers I added a thin slice of Walnut to give the layers an accent line.  I do this on most instruments.    Kyle requested a string through the body option and a body thickness of 1.75 inches.  I usually do a 1.5 inch thick body but I liked how this body turned out, so I may switch over to 1.75 inches for future bodies.

The electronics are Nordstrand PJ pickups with a Nordstrand preamp.    The bass has a wide range of tones and I was able to dial in suitable settings for many types of music.  The hardware is Hipshot bridge and tuners (plus the D-tuner) and the straplocks are Dunlop.  She is finished in a satin catalyzed acrylic urethane finish.

This bass has been sold but now is a good time to order one for yourself.  Email or call for pricing and options.