KOOG V Fretted Bass

This stellar 5 string bass was crafted for returning customer Fred.  I had made this same style bass for him in a fretless version and he liked it enough he commissioned me to build a similar instrument only fretted.  He also wanted to make this bass a 34 inch scale with 24 frets and we tried some passive pickups this time.

The neck is my 7 piece laminated (from center) Purpleheart, Maple,Wenge,and figured Maple on the outside.  The fret board is West African Ebony as well as are the peghead veneers.  two dual action truss rods run the whole length of the neck.  We used smaller stainless steel frets for long life and low action.

The body is Swamp Ash topped with curly Claro Walnut.  We utilized the raised center portion that we used on his fretless bass.  The whole instrument is finished with a hand rubbed oil/varnish.

For electronics we went with the Aguilar DCB humbucking pickups wired with 250k pots.  For a little tone boost if needed, we used the EMG BTS 2 band EQ.  Koog wanted his traditional chicken head knobs install ed on this bass.  The cavity cover is fastened via magnetic discs.

I really like this design and think that many players would find it to be one of the most comfortable basses they have ever played.