KOOG V Fretless

This is a special bass designed by myself and returning customer Koog.  Koog wanted me to work with a shape that he had drawn up and to incorporate some features from another bass that he had been playing at the time.  I added some of my ideas to the mix and this is the final outcome.  A very easy playing fretless five string bass that is well balanced and and a joy to look at.

The neck is high grade figured Hard Maple with Wenge and Purpleheart stringers.  The fretboard and peg head veneers are of Ebony wood.  Koog has always liked his idea of the partial fret lines so we did that again on this bass.  I installed Luminlay side dots as well.  I used two dual action truss rods for optimal adjust ability to the relief as Koog likes to use high tension flat wound strings.

The body and neck are joined by a deep neck pocket bolt on design.  I have been doing a lot of these as of late.  This allows for all access to the highest of positions without a body joint getting in the way.  The back of the body is light weight Swamp Ash and the top is of Claro Walnut.  Koog wanted me to do some deep carving into the top so we used a thick top and I contoured it along the center area.  The body and neck are finished in oil.

The electronics on this bass are EMG 40J pickups with a BTS 2 band EQ system.  The electronics are covered by a wood cover that is held on with magnets for easy tool-less battery changes.

This bass weighs in at 8.8 pounds.