Koog Fretless II

Long time customer,  Koog, asked me to build a fretless version of his main bass, another Drake traditional style, but with a few custom features not currently on his main bass.  We started with an upgrade to a quarter sawn Tempered Maple neck, and a nicely figured Ebony fingerboard.  We used the partial Maple fretlines that we do on all of his fretless basses. 3mm Luminlay side dots.  The neck is glossy on the peghead face but only wax finished on the back side, for a nice smooth raw wood feel.

The body is a one piece Swamp Ash slab with with some interesting grain lines.  Koog asked me to try a Ceruse finish on this bass, a first for me.  The Ceruse finish is essentially a dark painted body with the grain lines filled with a lighter colored material.  Proved to be a nice challenge for me.  The body is carved in a sleeker version of my Traditional style.  Deep belly and forearm cuts. 

Pickups are Aguilar PJ with the J having the dual coils to eliminate hum when soloed.  A simple stacked volume over tone control for each pickup.  Hipshot tuners and bridge, along with Dunlop strap hardware.  Magnet cavity cover and the pickup screws are all machine screws into brass inserts.

This bass proved to be the toughest bass to photograph but one of the most interesting to finish.   Her pictures do not do her justice, and she is an amazing bass in person. Just under 8 pounds.