Jazz Style Bass

This simple but awesome bass is one of many I have built for this particular customer.  He requires a special carve to the neck, and weight consideration as he has a wrecked shoulder and hand issues.  He has to install a special strap system to be able to play standing up.  Bearing this all in mind, I have developed some neck specs that fit his hands well to help with his physical issues.  Not the type of bass I normally build (pre-made body) but I thought this bass turned out really nice, so I will share it.

I made the neck out of quartered Tempered Maple with a Dark Tempered Maple fret board.  Dual action truss rod and carbon fiber reinforcement inside.  Since the neck spec has to be narrow, but still has to fit snug in a Warmoth spec pocket, I add thin ears to the sides of the heel.  This way, the customer can put this same neck on his other Warmoth bodied basses with the common neck pocket.  He tends to switch necks as his hand issues require.  The neck finish on the back side is beeswax and orange oil topped by Zymol Bridge wax.  A increasingly popular request I get these days.  Soft smooth feel without stickiness.   Simple to refresh as needed, by the player.

The body is of Tempered Alder and is a Warmoth Dinky cut body.  Light in weight and with great tone.  The 18 volt battery cavity, I made for future mods, but remains empty at this time.  Passive wiring as of now.  I applied a simple polyurethane finish rubbed out to a satin sheen.

The customer supplied the tuners and narrow spaced Hipshot bridge…hardware I use regularly.   The customer also supplied the Bartolini pickups for this bass.