Jason’s Bass

This bass is a project I took on recently.  Jason had bought a Thru-style Carvin neck along with all of the Carvin components so that he could build himself a bass guitar.  At some point he decided to send the parts to me to make the body wings and finish out the bass.  Jason chose the Model 9 shape for the bass and decided on body wings made of Alder wood topped with some nice Redwood.  He also wanted me to laminate the headstock with Redwood to match.

The neck is Rock Maple with Koa stringers.  I added some Walnut stripes to the edges of the neck block before adding the wings.

Jason decided to use my favorite electronics set up that includes EMG 35 P and J pickups and BTC 2 band EQ.

The hardware is Carving tuners and a Hipshot A style bridge.  I added a wood cavity cover and a Rosewood truss rod cover.

This bass is finished with a urethane gloss finish and is not stained or colored in any way.

I am thrilled with the results.  The bass has a wonderful range of tones and is very light in weight.