Jael 022217


This fine instrument is a 33 inch scale bass made from just bits of left over wood laying around the shop.  It is all great wood, well seasoned, and beautiful, but the pieces were small enough that I could not use them for much else.  I decided to laminate them together and create a bass that I would put up for sale. 

I started with a nice quartered piece of Padauk for the neck.  I installed a dual action truss rod and carbon fiber for stability.  I used an old Macassar Ebony fret board that had been slotted for 33 inch scale.  I fretted the neck with small gauge stainless steel fret wire.

The body is a Padauk center block with Swamp Ash body wings, topped with Claro Walnut.  Magnet cavity cover over a large electronics cavity so that a preamp could be added later on.  I finished the instrument in polyurethane.

The hardware is Gotoh tuners and bridge with Dunlop strap locks.  The pickups are Aguilar DCB (dual Blades) that have lots of punch and are well voiced for about any type of music.  Wired volume, volume, tone for simplicity.  Fully shielded cavity.