Holly 082716

This bass is a super modified Model 7 bass, commissioned by a returning customer who wanted an instrument that was suitable for his love of Jazz but able to be used in a variety of musical settings.  We collaborated with ideas for the specs and appearance of the instrument.

The neck is quartered Tempered Maple with two dual action truss rods and carbon fiber stabilization.  The fret board is Ebony with 24 small gauge stainless steel frets.  We went with a 34 inch scale on this bass.  I made a nut out of some nice grade brass.  The peghead is capped with some of the Holly used to top the body.

The body consists of a single piece of figured Mahogany topped with the aforementioned Holly.  What a beautiful combination.  The customer wanted a some air in the wood so I chambered out a large section on the bass side.  I designed and cut a simple sound hole.  I made the interior depth to allow a tummy cut on the back side of the bass.

The hardware was easy as we both liked Hipshot brand kit.  The customer chose brass for the bridge tray and we used a .708 spacing.  Dunlop inset strap locks and 5 recessed neck bolts complete the hardware.

The pickups are Aguilar DCB dual magnet style and we are running them through a Aguilar OBP1 preamp.  We have set the controls to volume, blend, global tone, and the bass/treb boosting preamp.  The preamp is bypassed with the tone knob down.  If the tone knob is pulled out, the preamp is engaged.  The customer does not intend to use the preamp as much as he prefers a passive bass.

The bass weighs 10 pounds and is balanced very well on a strap or the lap.  We strung her up with Thomastik Enfield strings.