Hornet Bass

This is the first of the Hornet bass style that I make.  I have been working on the single cut Cricket basses most of this year and I have expanded the line to include this double horned version.  This bass is essentially the same as a Cricket inside, but I have worked the chambers to allow for a bass side horn as well.  The result is a light weight bass with great balance as well as a robust tone.

The neck on this bass is a quartered slice of tempered Maple topped with an Ebony fret board.  Rocklite simulated Ebony peghead facings.  The carve of the neck is custom per the customer’s specs.  The spacing is of a custom spec. that allows the player to utilize his specialized technique.  Luminlay glow in the dark side dots.

The body is a one piece tempered Swamp Ash topped with Black Walnut from Iowa.  There is some purfling lines around the joinery of the top and back pieces.

TV Jones Black Blades give the bass a lot of…well…balls.  A nice low- mid bump with plenty of warmth and definition to the notes.  Wired passive with Volume, blend, and tone controls. 

Hipshot A style bridge with a custom narrow spacing to suit the owners style.  Hipshot tuners and Dunlop strap locks complete the hardware.

1 5/8 inch at the nut, just shy of 2 1/2 at the high fret.  7.8 pounds weight.  43 inches long.