Hornet bass 0118

This is another semi-hollow Hornet bass that I built to try a few different ideas on.  So this Hornet is a little different than most I have built so far.  I tried out some tempered Swamp Ash that was tight grained and mostly rift sawn.  I used three pieces to make up the body back.  I had some nice Myrtle wood in stock, so I made the top out of a bookmatched piece of that.  The neck is some nice quartered tempered Maple that has some subtle figure all through it.  Figured 4/4 Maple is so cool when I find it.  Since this bass was for trying out new things, I used some Richlite simulated Ebony material for the fret board.  Probably the best Ebony non-wood substitute that I have ever seen.  Looks rather nice and is impervious to climates changes.  I slotted it for a 33 inch scale and there are 22 small gauge stainless steel frets.  Accurate and durable, my go to fret wire anymore.  The peghead shape is another trial idea that I came up with a while back.  It sort of mimics my current shape that I use on many instruments, only scaled back to suit the dimensions of the Hornet model.  I used a brass A style bridge, from Hipshot, as it is just such a great design and is rather bullet proof as far as reliability and function.  Even with the brass bridge, the bass weighs in a 6.8 pounds!  For the electronics, I used my TV Jones Black Blades that have a 12 inch radius (magnets) that match the 12 inch radius on the fret board.  Even output from all strings that way.  The tone is very beefy with enough top end to shine through about any mix.  The controls are Volume, Blend, Tone.  .047 cap.  Dunlop strap locks and D’Addario rounds for strings.